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Markets more competitive each day, the differences are in the details . And to complement this task at a high level of professionalism and transparency , your company can count on Iatex Ibetex Group.

We have a team of highly prepared professionals , efficient information systems and communication tools that allow us to be online always attentive to meet their needs.

With two offices installed in Belo Horizonte ( MG ) and Americana ( SP ), the Iatex Ibetex Group has strategic partnerships in the logistics branch within the main ports of Brazil .

Solutions for Textile Industry

Compramos e vendemos maquinário para:

Spinning Machinery

opening lines , carding , dowels , conventional spinning and rotor

Preparation Machinery

warping and ironers

Weaving Machinery

flat knitting

Dyeing & Finishing Machinery

processing and dyeing

Accessories and other Textile Machinery

Accessories and other Textile Machinery

Toyota Loom Parts

Toyota Loom Parts

Chenille Machine

Chenille Machine

Sulzer Projectile Parts

Sulzer Projectile Parts



Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

Forklifts and Pallet Trucks

With strong and deep roots , operational knowledge and Know How qualified , the Iatex Ibetex Group has the import and export a great opportunity for those who want to do good business with economy and efficiency.

Within our network of national and international partners , we find the machinery that are best suited to your needs and take care of the entire process :

Technical analysis catchment License Import Preview Disassembly containerization boarding Landing resourcefulness Product delivery

Solutions for Food Industry

Parts processing solutions for the food industry for poultry:

We represent , in Brazil , the biggest and best companies around the world , spare parts manufacturers for the Food Industry .

We are very pleased to bring to Brazil all these products, which are synonymous with :

Quality Assurance : 100 % imported parts made ​​with the best raw material existing ;

Speed ​​of delivery : stock strategically held in Brazil for immediate delivery to customers;

Cost Reduction : Reducing costs without affecting the standard of manufacturing your product

Filmography .

The quality of our products is tested and approved by all our customers the level Brazil on a daily basis in various plants .

Commitment to truth, responsibility, teamwork and commitment to your company. These are the values that support the work of Iatex Ibetex Group for more than ten years on the market.